Car & Home Insurance

Protecting your future is as important as building it

No one wants to risk financial burden because you got the wrong advice and your assets were inaccurately insured.

The reason why intermediaries are here is to make sure this does not happen.  We want you to fully understand the risk, what cover is available and make sure that your assets are correctly insured.

Policies all differ in type and level of cover, so not all policies are equal.  There is a lot of product providers in the market which can cause uncertainty and this then the big reason why you need to speak to an accredited intermediary.


What is Car & Home Insurance?

It is a policy that can cover your vehicles, your home contents, your house and personal liability all in one.

Information is key to get the best possible cover for your important assets and detail is needed to evaluate the risk, especially regarding security and your previous history of losses.  Special requirements should also be specified to make sure we get you fully covered.

Loss or damage to the buildings, walls, fixtures, paving and fittings can all be covered under the Homeowner’s Insurance.

Accidental damage to your vehicle including loss by theft or hijacking can be covered through Comprehensive Car Insurance.

If you become liable for damaging someone else’s vehicle or injuring someone through an accident involving your vehicle, you can claim this under third party liability.

Home Content Insurance is for the content within your home.  The insurance will cover for loss or damage to the contents in your home.  This will include movable assets such as furniture, kitchen equipment, electronic equipment, clothing, and valuables to name a few, this is always insured to the stated limits as per your request or evaluation.

It is important to understand the terms of your policy so that no confusion is caused.

You will see that there are many policies and providers to choose from but using a professional accredited consultant you can ease the burden, and they can give you the right advice to ensure that you have the cover you need.