Why you should consider a reward program

Why you should consider a reward program

Since the start of lockdown over a year ago we have all had to consider changes in our lifestyles and budgets. Our health has taken priority and we are looking for health benefits around each corner. For most of us keeping our medical aid has been an easy decision, especially during this pandemic.

We should all be looking for ways to improve our health and one of the best ways to do this is through a medical aid loyalty program that offers cashback and discounts by simply living healthy, doing health screenings, and exercise.


What is a medical aid rewards/loyalty program? 

Simply put a rewards program is a wellness program that motivates you to live better, exercise more, and go for annual screenings to reduce the risk of serious illness. Normally you get rewarded by collecting points for meeting your required health or fitness goals, thus moving up a level to enjoy better rewards. Achieving your goals will aid in a healthier lifestyle and all-around wellbeing and include discounts on flights, gym memberships, and even movie tickets.


Top 3 rewards and loyalty programs:

Let us look at the top 3 rewards programs and what each program has to offer you, what it will cost you and who can join.


  1. Discovery’s Vitality: Discovery health has partnered with various companies to bring you excellent rewards on groceries, gym memberships, flights, and many more. You are encouraged to work your way up the rewards levels from Blue status to Diamond Status by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reaching your fitness goals. The higher your rewards level the more discounts you get. You also get cashback by activating healthyfood and healthycare in the form of cash or partners rewards points like Pick n Pay and Clicks. Vitality also offers the opportunity to earn up to 100% cashback on shoe and Gym boosters when you reach your fitness goals for 12 months. You earn points by doing health screenings such as a health check, dental check-up, or visiting a dietitian. Staying active will earn you points for 10 000 or more steps, visiting a partnered Gym, or tracking your heart rate. There are two questionnaires that will also earn you points, Vitality age and their new addition mental wellbeing which assists with mental health issues. Vitality is available to Discovery clients with either medical aid, life insurance or short-term insurance.
  2. Momentum’s Multiply: Momentum wants to motivate their clients to live a better and happier life by making the best health choices. As a multiply member, you get cashback and discounts on Momentum products, at a range of partners and multiply online shop. Multiply works on a points system from Bronze to Platinum, the higher your status the more rewards. Get cash back on your whole basket when you shop at participating retail partners or when you buy from the Multiply online store. Payless for flights, movies, and no matter how you stay active if you move you get rewarded. You will also earn points for completing your health and activity questionnaire, going for health assessments, and knowing your Healthy heart score. Have cover with momentum and earn points automatically for every momentum product per year. Multiply is available to momentum clients with either medical aid, short-term, and long-term products.
  3. Bestmed’s Tempo: Bestmed has a free wellness program that helps you thrive, not just survive. With tempo there is no collecting of points or reaching fitness goals, it is simply all about health. They provide you with access to professionals that will assist you on your health journey and guide you to make the right choices to energise your mind, body, and soul.  Your tempo journey starts with the main member completing a Health assessment and taking it to their nearest Pharmacy (Dis-chem or Clicks) where a trained nurse will complete biometrics tests. Once completed your Tempo benefits are unlocked for you and your whole family. Some of the benefits include one nutrition assessment for the whole family per year, Virtual Pilates classes, mental health helpline, and more. Tempo is available to all Bestmed health clients. 

Everyone can benefit from making some lifestyle changes and having a rewards program can assist with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and introduce habits that will improve your overall health and wellbeing. A healthy lifestyle involves a balanced diet, regular exercise, managing your day-to-day stress, and drinking plenty of water.


Should you have any questions or wish to join any of these rewards programs you can contact CureMED at 0800 287 633 or email us at marketing@curemed.co.za