Funeral Cover

Thinking about funeral cover

Having a conversation about dying can be uncomfortable to some and, changing the subject is far easier. Unfortunately, it is a conversation you need to have; well at least with yourself.

This might seem to be a grim subject but once you start adding the numbers you will soon come to realise that planning for your funeral or a loved one’s funeral is just as important as having long-term investments.

Sadly, all of us have been to a funeral, whether it be that of a loved one, a friend or colleague. We have been to church services, memorials or simply a life celebration and painfully all of these come with a detailed bill at the end.

Let us look at what a funeral could cost, and what are some of the options out there.

According to research, a simple funeral could be anything between R12 500.00 to R18 000.00, and this does not even include the catering, venue, flowers, or any other extras.

It is believed that being cremated is more affordable than being buried. A coffin could cost anything from R6 000,00 to R50 000,00 depending on the customization of the coffin. Cremation of the body could range between R5 000.00R8 000.00.

Funeral parlours fees can range anything between R5 000.00R10 000.00 and this fee is used for things like transporting the body, safekeeping of the body, and funeral preparations.

Considering being buried? Remember to budget for digging of the grave which will be based on municipal prices and can range between R1 000.00 R6 000.00

Catering and flowers could cost anything between R2 000.00R10 000.00 and sometimes much more depending on how many people are invited. **Please remember when planning a funeral make sure you stay updated with all the COVID-19 funeral regulations. **

Planning a funeral could be hard work, especially while grieving but luckily there are affordable funeral policies for you to consider. Some policies also include the services of Funeral parlours.

Here are some of South Africa’s most popular funeral policies/parlours for different reasons.

  1. AVBOB -Well known Funeral parlours with funeral policies.
  2. Total risk SA funeral policies – Very affordable options to fit everyone’s pocket.
  3. Old mutual- Most popular with multiple cover.
  4. Martin’s funeral’s – Family founded funeral parlour.

It is important to have funeral cover while you are still alive and by doing so you could spare your loved one’s some added heartache and additional emotional stress.

‘Life is so fragile and all it takes is a single moment to change everything. Focus on what is important to you and be grateful. Live your life and leave no regrets’ – Melanie Koulouris 


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