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Building insurance

Also known as Home insurance. This insurance specifically covers the building structure of a home against accidental loss or damage caused by fire, theft or natural disasters like floods. The building insurance covers the structures of your home and any fixtures or fittings that belong to you.

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Car insurance

This cover is for any car, light delivery vehicles, motorcycles, trailers or caravans, which you are the owner of. Cover options include:

Covers accidental loss or damage to your vehicle and legal liability to a third party related to the specific vehicle.

Third-party, fire, theft & hijacking: Covers loss or damage to your vehicle caused by specific events (fire, lightning, explosion, theft, hijacking) and legal liability to a third party related to the specific vehicle.

Covers legal liability to a third party related to the specific vehicle.

Covers the difference between your vehicle’s market value and the outstanding hire purchase amount.

Covers damage to tires and rims caused by accidents.

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Home contents insurance

This section covers your household goods against loss or damage caused by theft, burglary, fire, malicious damage, and/ or natural disasters (like storm and flood damage amongst others). These household goods include the likes of furniture, curtains, home appliances, clothing etc.

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All risk insurance

This section covers the loss or damage to items you normally wear or take outside your home, regardless where you are in the world. Optional cover includes Clothing & Personal Effects, (these are clothes you usually wear). As well as personal items you carry on you. You must ensure that you have proof of ownership, proving what you owed, make, model, serial number. *There must be validation certificates for jewellery to prove the value and this certificate must not be older than 24 months. Please note this is not a free standing product, it needs to be accompanied by either vehicle or content insurance.

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Casualty insurance

Personal legal liability – This insurance product covers you if you’re legally liable for the accidental death, illness or injury of any person who isn’t employed by you, a person whose name is not in the policy summary or a family member who doesn’t live with you. T’s and C’s apply.

Extended personal legal liability – This covers you anywhere in the world (except countries operating under the laws of the United States of America or Canada) in an event of liability not covered by our personal legal liability solution. T’s and C’s apply.

Legal costs and legal expenses – This insurance product covers legal costs and expenses incurred. T’s and C’s apply.

Personal accident – This insurance product provides cover for accidental death or permanent disability caused directly by bodily injury within 12 months of an accident. T’s and C’s apply. 

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