Momentum Health Medical Scheme

Momentum Health

Momentum Health is a medical scheme that ranks amongst the top three largest open schemes in South Africa, covering more than 130 000 families. Momentum accredits their fast growth to their service excellence, budgeting expertise and the flexibility of their medical aid plans. The Flexibility of the Momentum healthcare options allows members to shape their healthcare cover according to what suites their needs and budget best. Momentum Health understands that health is the most important asset in each person’s life as such they strive to improve the overall health of all their members by providing comprehensive healthcare that is not only affordable it is easily accessible.
  • Free preventative care through Momentum’s Health Platform benefit, which includes pregnancy scans for a growing family
  • Momentum Health reward their members with free GP visits and by allowing them to earn back a potential R5 400 in health returns.
  • Momentum’s HealthSaver lets you make provision for medical expenses not covered by your option
  • You can save up to 35% on your contribution
  • You qualify for a free annual health assessment
  • You enjoy instant access to emergency numbers, your member details, claim statements and more through your mobile phone
  • You have access to great discounts from Multiply, Momentum’s wellness and rewards programme

Momentum Health Medical Aid Plans

Evolve Option

Get cover for hospitalisation from the Evolve Network of private hospitals with no overall annual limit. You have access to 2 virtual doctors’ consultations, and any additional day-to-day benefits are subject to HealthSaver+.

Custom Option

Get comprehensive hospital and chronic cover from Any or Associated providers. You can choose to have access to treatment at any hospital or save on your contribution by electing to use a specific list of private hospitals.

Incentive Option

Get extensive hospital and chronic cover from Any or Associated providers. 10% of your contribution goes to a dedicated medical savings account to cover your day-to-day expenses.

Extender Option

Get extensive hospital cover and additional chronic cover from Any or Associated providers. 25% of your contribution goes to a dedicated medical savings account to cover your day-to-day expenses plus you get the Extended Cover benefit once you have reached your Threshold.

Summit Option

Get unlimited private hospital cover from Any provider. Chronic cover available for an additional 36 conditions at Any provider. Day-to-day benefits are covered up to R31 300 per beneficiary per year.

Ingwe Option – student plan

Unlimited cover at any private hospital or day hospital at 100% of the medical scheme rate, limited cover for PMBs at designated service providers and chronic cover for 26 PMBs. This plan is offered by Momentum Health since the merger with Ingwe.

Students need to pay a minimum of 6 months in advance for the scheme to activate membership. A 12 months premium can also be paid in advance to avoid a renewal process after the 6 months have expired. This plan is suitable for students that require a visa and cover in SA as well as local students that need cover at an affordable upfront …

Fusion Option

Get cover for hospitalisation with no overall annual limit at the Fusion Network of private hospitals. You have access to hospitalisation from the Fusion Network of private hospitals and preventative care with early detection tests. For day-to-day cover, you can make use of the HealthSaver+.

You may choose to make use of additional products available from Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited (Momentum), to seamlessly enhance your medical aid. Momentum is not a medical scheme and is a separate entity to Momentum Medical Scheme. The complementary products are not medical scheme benefits. You may be a member of Momentum Medical Scheme without taking any of the complementary products.

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