Service Delivery through an accredited broker

Importance of making use of a medical broker

With over 23 different Medical aid schemes in South Africa, it can be a daunting task for many to decide which scheme has the right cover for you and your family. Having to consider the different options, day-to-day benefits, loyalty programs or just a hospital plan can leave many people overwhelmed.

Deciding on the right medical aid will come with many questions like: “What will be covered should I be hospitalized?” “How do I claim from my medical aid? ” “How do I register for chronic medicine?”

Having a medical broker to advise and guide you with all the uncertain will provide clarity to ensure that you are on the right medical aid plan.

If you thought that it was daunting to sign up for Medical aid Cover, it is even more unsettling to do all your administration yourself.

We are here as your medical broker to assist with enquiries such as obtaining authorization for in-hospital procedures, adding dependents to your current plan, and yearly option changes.

You can join our CureCLUB membership to deliver a stress-free approach to administer your daily medical queries. Curemed will, on your behalf resolve and finalize your health and wealth management.

At the heart of our engagement model is your private financial advisor together with a team of specialists who, through unique challenges that you and your family might face, construct specialized solutions.

Our CureCLUB membership can offer you more in our extensive service delivery, we are enhancing the range of benefits you receive, and you will have all the following benefits:

  • A dedicated health and wealth consultant
  • A dedicated administration assistant
  • Free Will & Testament upon request
  • Free Financial planning upon request
  • Short term policy review
  • Telephonic trauma counseling
  • Chronic application guidance
  • Confirmation of plan benefits
  • Loyalty program assistance
  • Change of personal details
  • Dispute handling
  • Documentation request and retrieval
  • Tax assist
  • Legal assist
  • Personal nurse line (personal health advisor)
  • Stress management

Never waste time on the phone with call centres and let us take the headaches away with simple solutions. We ensure you get by-daily feedback until your queries have been finalised.

To join our CureCLUB membership, simply email us at or call us at 0800 287 633.


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Isabel Corbitt
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No hick-ups everything went smooth
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I wish there was a 10 Star review button!
Minette de Beer
Minette de Beer
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Friendly, fast and knowledgeable advisor assistance
Fonda Henshaw
Fonda Henshaw
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All admin work will be handle by them to make it easier for me as a client
Bernadette Gerber
Bernadette Gerber
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Excellent customer service, going an extra mile in making sure a customer is happy and satisfied
Russell Friedrichs
Russell Friedrichs
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My first experience with Curemed , was a pleasant , re assuring and timeous response. We are super pleased to have such a diligent backup .. Thank you all

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