6 Reasons why Medical Aid for our youth is essential

In the spirit of youth month, let’s discuss why you may think you don’t need medical aid because you are young and healthy when in fact, you do.

Although good health may seem a good enough reason to not have medical aid coverage, let’s face it, no one can ever be prepared enough for the unforeseen. Accidents and emergencies are simply too unpredictable not to make provision for, especially when considering the impact of the loss.

In an economy where there’s inflation and so much uncertainty, saving for private care is unfortunately not enough, especially when you consider hospitalisation, therapy, surgery, and consultations. These costs can rapidly build up and before you know it, you’re in financial detriment.

6 Reasons why medical aid for our youth is essential

  • Access to the best health care in South Africa

With the unequal health care system in South Africa, the last thing you need is to be in dire need of immediate medical attention and being unable to access it because you do not have adequate cover and you need to queue in public facilities to be attended to.

  • Avoiding financial loss

An unforeseen incident that requires hospitalisation can quickly leave you out of pocket and have you loaning money to cover those expensive hospital costs that could have easily been avoided by paying a single medical aid premium a month as opposed to the hundreds of thousands in unexpected costs.

  • Access to mental health care facilities

Mental illness is such a big part of our youth’s everyday life and access to facilities that combat mental illness and aids our youth to a healthier mental state is a big necessity in our communities, a medical aid can offer you these benefits and ensure you don’t spend close to an arm and a leg each time you need to consult your mental health doctor.

  • Avoiding late joiner penalties (additional % to premium for joining after the age of 35)

Medical aid history plays a role in determining how much your monthly premium will be after the age of 35. The sooner you get medical aid cover the more years of coverage you can prove to avoid paying up to 75% extra onto your medical aid because you waited until you were a lot older and more susceptible to illnesses to get adequate cover.

  • Access to regular medical check-ups

Being able to get regular health check ups can elevate your chances of better treatment and care from early detection of diseases, it allows you to keep track of your health levels and ultimately amplifying your lifespan and quality of life.

  • Access to lifestyle benefits (through loyalty programmes attached to medical aid schemes)

Most medical schemes offer you the option of loyalty programmes that will help you boost your overall quality of life by earning rewards and cash backs for taking initiative in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping track of your overall health.

Medical Aid Options to consider

There are several schemes in the market which offer a collection of products that cater for the various financial, medical and lifestyle needs of young south Africans. Let’s look at some of the options you can consider:

Income based or Capitation options: 

This is an entry level option offered across all medical aid schemes which allows you to pay monthly premiums that are in accordance with your income. This option is very ideal for the low to medium income earners as well as students, who are looking to have medical aid without breaking the bank. However, the only condition attached to this option is that you must be willing to make use of designated service providers for the benefits it provides.

The best thing about these options is that they offer you in hospital coverage at 100% of the schemes rate as well as defined day to day coverage (out of hospital cover: GP, DENTISTRY, OPTOMETRY, PHARMACY ETC..) at an affordable rate. This entry level option also caters for sufficient chronic cover from consultations to medication provided by the option.

Hospital Plans:

Hospital plans are your next best bet when it comes to having enough cover for hospital admissions, planned and/or unplanned procedures subject to pre-authorisation of the scheme. This is mostly suitable for young people who do not require additional day to day coverage.

It provides you with 100% OR 200% scheme rate coverage depending on the option chosen. This will allow you to have peace of mind knowing you are covered should you find yourself in need of hospitalisation during those unexpected incidents.

The option to upgrade:

Although all schemes only allow upgrades during the year, some schemes have exceptions for emergency upgrades within 30 days of should you be diagnosed with a life-threatening condition such as cancer.

This fact will also allow you the flexibility to know that you are not bound to an option for 12 months even if it is a matter of life and death subject to the provider you choose.Medical Aid

The future of any society lies in the hands of its young people and taking care of ourselves is the first step to securing that future and ensuring an increased life span to witness the fruits of our labour expand through generations to come. If there is anything we have learnt over the past two years, it is that good quality healthcare is a necessity.

Click here and allow us to guide you in securing your future and ensuring you are well taken care of even in the most unfavourable circumstances. Let’s get you started with investing into your future wellness!


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