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Complete list of Medical Aids under R1000

Medical Aids in South Africa under R1000

Affordable Medical Aid Plans Under R1000: A Guide by Curemed Curemed is committed to offering affordable healthcare solutions for both you and your loved ones. As an independent financial advisory firm, specialising in medical aid, we’re committed to providing unbiased…

5 reasons why you need Medical Aid in South Africa

Medical Aid in SA

Our healthcare system in South Africa is complex and often difficult to navigate, making it essential to have medical aid coverage. Medical aid covers members’ healthcare costs such as hospitalisation, treatments and medicine. These costs are covered according to the…

What is a PMB?

What is a PMB?

Are you wondering what the term ‘PMB’ means? The medical aid industry is known for using terms that not everyone is familiar with and as Advisers, we know how overwhelming it can feel! Receiving feedback from your provider filled with…

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