Men’s Health Month

The importance of Men’s Health

When it comes to Men’s Health it is often put on the back burner as Men are considered in society to be tough, strong, and fearless. Men seem to forget to take care of themselves and only worry about the exterior armour when really, it is the inside anatomy that matters most.

Men rarely will go to the doctor, and often tend to overlook the early warning signs of disease. Men’s health month is a good reminder for all the men in our lives (including you, sir reading this) to go for a general health check-up, doing screenings for cardiovascular risk factors and even if you’re in your 20’s. Taking care of mental health issues if you are not coping and if your over 40 speak to your doctor about screenings for prostate cancer.

Below are some things to consider not only during the month of June but as a rule in general.

1. Take care of your diet.

Adopting a healthier diet can change your health for the better and can be a life changing habit that will contribute to your overall wellbeing. Be mindful of your alcohol intake, swop that steak for chicken, drink plenty of water and remember to eat your vegetables.

2. Have it checked out.

Gambling with your health and hoping it will turn out for the best is not taking care of yourself. Have that persisting headache or constant back pain looked at by your Doctor. It might be nothing but what if it is something? Speak to someone if your feeling stressed and keep going for your health screenings, early detection is key!

3. Get educated.

It is important to know what common health risk are specific to men. Prostate cancer comes to mind, but heart health and depression are some of the leading causes of early death among men.  Take this opportunity to read about the common health issues that are specific to men and how you can prevent yourself from getting hurt!

4. Pamper yourself.

Men need a little loving too! Part of taking care of your health is taking care of your soul. Statistics show that men’s mental health issues are on the rise and men seldomly deal with their mental illnesses. Take some time to yourself and relax occasionally. Play a round of golf, go for a massage, or take an extra-long nap. You do not need an excuse, its Men’s health month.

Let us break down stigmas! There is no doubt that men’s health issues deserve attention, and men must be encouraged to continue seeking health care. The responsibility lies upon all of us to keep this necessary conversation going, even once June is over—because men’s health is always worthy of discussion.

June is your month gents, be proactive and own your health!


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