Complete list of Bonitas Network Plans in South Africa 2024

Today we’re walking you through the complete list of Bonitas Network Plans in South Africa 2024.

Curemed is an independent Financial Advisory firm with over 30 years in the industry. We specialise in health, wealth and short-term insurance. Curemed’s experienced Medical Advisors work alongside the top medical aid providers in South Africa, ensuring you receive custom and comparative quotes suited to your specific health needs.

Bonitas is one of South Africa’s leading medical aid providers with over 40 years experience. Best known for offering affordable and comprehensive healthcare plans. Bonitas emphasises accessible and quality care through offering a variety of network plans tailored to meet individual and family needs.Discussed here is a list of Bonitas Network Plans: BonStart, BonStart Plus, BonFit Select, Primary Select, Hospital Standard, Bonsave, Standard Select, BonComplete and BonClassic.

List of Bonitas Network Plans available in South Africa, 2024

Complete list of Bonitas Network Plans
Plan namePlan typeNetwork Hospitals
BonStartTraditionalHospital Network (R12 050 co-payment when using non-network hospitals, except in the case of an emergency)
BonStart PlusTraditionalHospital Network (R12 050 co-payment when using non-network hospital, except in the case of an emergency)
BonFit SelectNew GenerationNetwork Hospitals (30% co-payment when using non-network hospitals) 
Primary SelectTraditionalNetwork Hospitals (30% co-payment when using non-network hospitals) 
Hospital StandardHospital PlanNetwork Hospitals (30% co-payment when using non-network hospitals) 
BonsaveNew GenerationNetwork Hospitals (30% co-payment when using a non-network hospitals) 
Standard SelectTraditionalNetwork Hospitals (30% co-payment when using non-network hospitals) 
BonCompleteComprehensiveNetwork Hospitals (30% co-payment when using non-network hospitals) 
BonClassicComprehensiveNetwork Hospitals (30% co-payment when using non-network hospitals) 

Useful articles:

Difference between Network plans and Non-Network plans 

Network plans are available at a reduced cost by using a specific network of healthcare providers, offering lower premiums and copayments where applicable. Non-Network plans offer flexibility, allowing members to choose any healthcare provider resulting in higher monthly premiums. Network plans are desirable to those looking for private healthcare at reduced fees with predictable health needs. 

Difference between Bonitas Network plans and Non-Network plans

list of Bonitas Network Plans in South Africa 2024

Bonitas has a wide range of Network Plans with an extensive list of network providers. Network providers differ according to each medical plan. Individuals using Network Plans should make use of  listed health institutions for planned procedures to avoid additional out of network fees. 

Network providers are vetted to ensure a certain standard of care, and there is an emphasis on accessibility within the network. When considering a network medical aid, one needs to determine whether or not the list of providers is within close proximity. 

BonStart medical plan explained

BonStart is ideal for young and healthy individuals or families in the early stages of their medical aid journey. This medical plan includes basic benefits with essential cover at an affordable rate. BonStart is one of the cheapest Network Plans available with Bonitas.

Pros & cons of BonStart


  • Affordable premiums
  • Basic hospital and day-to-day benefits


  • Limited cover for specialist consultations
  • Additional co-payment for non-network hospitals

BonStart Plus medical plan explained

BonStart Plus builds on the BonStart plan, providing enhanced in-hospital and set day-to-day benefits. Families enjoy BonStart Plus as it has enhanced family orientated benefits.

Pros & cons of BonStart Plus


  • Enhanced hospital benefits (family orientated)
  • Reasonable day-to-day cover


  • Set amount of specialist consultations per annum
  • Higher premiums compared to BonStart

BonFit Select medical plan explained

BonFit Select is a new generation plan that offers a blend of cost-effectiveness and comprehensive benefits, focusing on network hospitals and services.

Pros & cons of BonFit Select


  • Affordable premiums
  • Medical Savings Account
  • Access to a wide range network of hospitals


  • 30% co-payment for non-network hospital admissions
  • Limited chronic medication benefits

Primary Select medical plan explained

Primary Select offers a balance between affordability and comprehensive care, making it suitable for families and individuals needing essential healthcare coverage.

Pros & cons of Primary Select


  • Broad network of healthcare providers
  • Good balance of benefits and premiums


  • 30% co-payment for non-network hospitals
  • Sub-limit benefits

Hospital Standard medical plan explained

Hospital Standard is a comprehensive hospital plan that covers hip, knee, and joint replacements due to wear and tear. This plan also offers extensive maternity benefits and GP consultations for children aged two to twelve.

Pros & cons of Hospital Standard


  • Comprehensive hospital cover
  • Lower premiums


  • Sub-limit benefits
  • Co-payments for out of network providers
  • No basic dentistry

Bonsave medical plan explained

Bonsave is a new generation plan designed for those who want substantial hospital cover and access to a medical savings account.

Pros & cons of Bonsave


  • Medical Savings Account
  • Good day-to-day cover


  • Co-payments for non-network healthcare
  • Higher premiums than basic plans

Standard Select medical plan explained

Standard Select is a traditional plan offering sub-limit benefits with a focus on network hospitals, ensuring you have access to quality care.

Pros & cons of Standard Select 


  • Extensive network of healthcare providers
  • Balanced in-hospital cover


  • 30% co-payment for non-network hospitals
  • May have limited chronic medication benefits
  • Sub-limit benefits

BonComplete medical plan explained

BonComplete is a comprehensive plan offering extensive benefits across hospital, specialist, and day-to-day services, ideal for those seeking all-inclusive healthcare coverage.

Pros & cons of BonComplete


  • Comprehensive benefits with no co-payment for network hospitals
  • Extensive chronic medication benefits


  • Higher premiums
  • Limited benefits outside the network

BonClassic medical plan explained

BonClassic provides comprehensive cover with a focus on quality healthcare, offering a broad spectrum of benefits for those seeking extensive medical aid coverage.

Pros & cons of BonClassic


  • Extensive network with comprehensive benefits
  • No co-payment for network hospitals


  • Higher premiums
  • May have limited cover outside the network

Pricing Comparison: Bonitas Network Plans

As always, Curemed encourages individuals to thoroughly examine each medical aid plan as a whole as opposed to primarily focusing on the Rand value. Plan prices vary according to the level of health benefits offered on the specific medical aid option. Selecting the right medical aid to meet both your health and financial needs is vital.  Get a comparative quote today, accompanied by the guidance and expertise of a Curemed Medical Aid Advisor. 

Prices: Bonitas Network Plans

Bonitas Network Plans
Plan namePricingBenefits
BonStart⬇️Lower priced ⬜Basic benefits
BonStart Plus⬇️Lower priced  ⬜Basic benefits
BonFit Select⬇️Lower priced  ⬜Basic benefits
Primary Select⬇️Lower priced 🟧Sub-limit benefits
Hospital Standard➡️Medium priced 🟧Sub-limit benefits
Bonsave➡️Medium priced 🟧Sub-limit benefits
Standard Select ➡️Medium priced 🟧Sub-limit benefits
BonComplete⬆️Higher priced✅Comprehensive Benefits
BonClassic ⬆️Higher priced ✅Comprehensive Benefits

Member Reviews and Satisfaction

Whilst the below customer reviews provides valuable insights into Network Plans offered by Bonitas, it is important to note that dissatisfaction regularly occurs when misunderstanding the terms and conditions of the plan from the start. Once again, highlighting the importance of comprehending the benefits and coverage of your specific health plan, before making a long term commitment. 

Bonitas Network Plans Member Reviews:

1 Star, 12 June 2024

Bonitas WhatsApp Service

I was chatting to a Bonitas service agent on whatsapp. My son needs to see an ENT specialist urgently. I just needed to know where to go and if the authorisation is approved. She telling me she cannot talk to a minor. The system correctly authenticated me, am enquiring about my son who is 4 years old, dependent 03 on my plan. She says she cannot talk to a minor, my son is a baby and I need help so he can see a specialist, the system should have rejected me logging in as dependent 03 from the onset if you are really concerned about security. I was talking to Basetsana Malotle. Come people, I need help not the run around….lift up your game when it comes to servicing clients.

3 Stars, 09 April 2024

Poor customer query response

1. Only queries submitted via hello peter receive responses

2. Bonitas should provide a facility where customers can submit Dr reviews

3. Why does my plan, BonFit Select not show information for a dermatologist and physician?

5 Stars, 28 May 2024

My wife’s surgery

Bonitas and staff are just amazing I will never change my medical aid you treat your members like family thank you so much God bless be safe.

Summary of Bonitas Network Plans

Bonitas offers a wide range of Network Plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals and families in South Africa. Each plan comes with an extensive list of approved network providers, which differ based on the specific plan. By using the listed network providers, members benefit from lower premiums and reduced co-payments, ensuring cost-effective healthcare. 

It is crucial for individuals using Bonitas Network Plans to stick to the approved list of health institutions for planned procedures to avoid additional out-of-network fees. Bonitas emphasises accessible and quality care, providing options that range from basic hospital plans to comprehensive coverage, catering to various healthcare needs and financial situations.


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